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Bright Eye Care &
Vision Development

Our grandson was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and ADD.  We first noticed his problem when he was in the first grade.  He was unable to recognize words, spell, and read.  At best, he could memorize words for a short period of time but was never able to remember or recognize them in ...

            - Barbara L. C., grandmother of 7-year old


You have been a great Dr to me, and I will ...

                             - Grace C., 8 years old

My eye docter changed my life because he made me feel better.  He made it so that I ...

                             - Paige D., 7 years old

​Before working with Dr. Edward Fong for our four-year old son, JY, he was having multiple issues in different areas: poor balance, and keep on running around, which caused him to frequently fall or bump to something; not able to do anything require fine motor skills -  can not reproduce ...

                    - Evelina Y., mother of 4-year old 

I want to thank you for helping my daughter through vision therapy.  When we first came to you, she was struggling with reading in first grade. After the first fourteen hours of therapy, there was a very noticeable improvement in her reading ability.  As a result, ...

                 - Robbyn M., mother of 7-year old


Therapy Success

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When my daughter was in kindergarten, my husband and I realized there was a serious reading issue.  We weren't sure what, but knew she seemed far behind everyone else.  By first grade, my daughter was having daily headaches and the reading was ...

                          - Kim R., mother of 7-year old

The journey for our family, as we look back and reflect, has truly been remarkable and we credit it all to Dr. Fong's therapy.  Prior to therapy, K--- stemmed on small objects, his attention span was short, his processing time was longer than normal and K--- was not ...

                     - Kym S., mother of 5-year old

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Dr. Fong really fixed me up!  I am in my second year of medical school, and I was having major fatigue looking at books and computer screens for 10-12 hours at a time.  I thought my vision was getting worse so I went to ... WOW!!!  The difference is night and day.

                      - Daniel W S., 2nd year med student