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Bright Eye Care &
Vision Development
Step 2 - Your Sports Vision Profile

The next step is to perform a series of tests to determine the individual characteristics of your sports vision skills.  This will make up your personal Sports Vision Profile.

Step 3 - Create Your Training Program

​Now that you've finished your Sports Vision Profile and Athletic Profile, a program will be designed specifically for you.

Step 4 - Start Your Training Program

You'll begin seeing improvements within 14 hours of training. Just like with weight training, plyometrics and other training regimens, you'll see transfer of your sports vision skills evidenced by an improvement in your athletic performance.

What are the benefits?

By improving your sports vision skills, you'll be able to:

 * Perceive the ball as larger

 * Improve pocket presence

 * Predict when and where the  

   ball will be with more accuracy

 * Read the greens better

 * Improve eye-hand coordination

 * Track the flight of a ball better

 * Keep track of multiple players

 * See the ball as moving slower

This will help with football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and more!

Exceptional Performance At Every Step

When you start E.D.G.E. Sports Vision Training, you'll get a completely personalized program based on your sport, your position and your goals.

Step 1 - Your Athletic Profile

Depending on your sport, position and current level of performance, we will sit down and determine your goals for improvement.

What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is the information that tells your body where and when to perform.  There are many visual skills that are necessary for success in sports. Each one of these skills can be improved to bring about peak athletic performance.

What are the advantages of E.D.G.E. Sports Vision?

​Our program is sports specific and position specific. Each sport has certain visual skills that are more important than others. Even a position that a player plays affects the sports vision skills the he/she needs most.