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Bright Eye Care &
Vision Development

Do you...

                                   work at the computer 2 hours or more per day?

                                   experience tired eyes when working at the computer?

​                                   experience blurred near vision when working at the computer?

​                                   experience blurred distance vision after working on the computer?

​                                   experience double vision when working at the computer?

​                                   experience headaches during or after computer work?

​                                   experience back- or neck-aches during or after computer work?

                                   have trouble re-focusing your eyes during or after computer work?

Protect Your Eyes During Computer Use


Estimates indicate that up to 90% of people who use computers for 2 or more hours per day experience a combination of the above symptoms.  If you do, then you are one of the millions of people, adults and children included, who suffer from Computer Eyestrain.  This condition affects productivity and comfort.  In some clinical research, Computer Eyestrain seems to be implicated in causing premature myopia in children as young as 2 years old.  Computer use has also been shown to affect sleep patterns

Causes of Computer Eyestrain include the way that letters are presented on computer screens, visual skills problems, visual ergonomics and eye health concerns.  Since computer letters are made up of non-uniform pixels, the edges of the letters are not crisp like they are on paper.  As a result, the visual system is constantly jumping between the screen and it's natural focusing position.  The visual system does this in order to maintain clarity of letters that are non-uniform.  Imagine clenching your hand into a fist tightly, then relaxing it fully, then clenching it into a fist repeatedly over a twenty minute period.  Even before the twenty minutes are over, your hand and forearm will fatigue. Similarly, your eyes will too.  Visual skills problems will only make this fatigue worse.  

If you experience some of the above symptoms, then please visit our Appointments page to schedule a Computer Vision Exam.  We will evaluate your visual skills, visual ergonomics and eye health related to computer use.  Afterwards, we will make recommendations that will can help improve productivity and comfort in this digital age.